Virgin Valley 4×4 Club Name is Now Approved

The SCM HOA Board of Directors approved the club’s name change this week, so we are now officially the Virgin Valley 4×4 club. The new club name was selected after an arduous process from a list of many great suggestions from our members. Thanks again to everyone who helped with suggestions and comments. We felt the new name better represents the region where we do the majority of our rides and 4×4 is a more accurate description of our vehicles that doesn’t imply that we only allow Jeeps.

In addition to the new name, the club will increase efforts to strengthen our relationship with the city of Mesquite, Friends of Gold Butte, and other aligned groups in our region. Both Mesquite city and FoGB have approached us to become involved in events and the future growth planning. Working together on projects with these groups promises exciting new adventure for us as well as opportunities to give something back to the area we love.

I’ve been asked if the new name means that we will now allow members who are not SCM residents. The short answer is that we have always allowed non-SCM residents to join us on rides and be listed on our roster as “associate” members. The only limitation is that HOA charter clubs (which we are) is that officers must be SCM residents, only residents can participate in voting, and non-residents must be sponsored and pay the HOA day-use fee to come to any meetings or events that the club holds within HOA facilities.

Of course, the most exciting part of the name change means that we have new club stickers! You can get them from me or Kathy at any meeting or event, or just let me know and we’ll get you one. The vendor was good enough to provide larger stickers for the same price (these are 5 inches; the old ones were 4) so they are still only $2 each. The old ones can be removed from a window easily enough, or you can place the new one over top.


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