Google Group

Virgin Valley 4×4 Club Google Group

The Virgin Valley 4×4 Google Group provides a forum for members to have online conversations, and share documents, pictures, and other resources.
Put simply, it is a way to send an email to everyone in the club.
All currently active club members are in the group. New members will be added once your application has been received by the club secretary.

How to use the Google Group

There are two ways to use the club’s Google Group email list. If you have a Google account, you can go to the Google Group website at the link below:
Virgin Valley 4×4 Google Group
Posting a new “conversation” will send an email to all currently subscribed club members and allow them to reply if they wish. You can also view all past conversations.


You can also just use your email. Sending an email to will email everyone in the club and start a new conversation.
To reply to an ongoing conversation from your email:
If you use “Reply” from your email, it will go to the person who started the conversation.
If you use “Reply All” from your email, it will go to everyone in the club.

The forum is for ALL club members to use, so please don’t hesitate to start a new conversation!