Trails and Tracks

Downloadable Trail Descriptions, GPX / KMZ Files, and Maps

The tracks and maps below are provided as examples of the many interesting trail rides in our beautiful area. Since things change in the backcountry, we cannot guarantee their accuracy, but will make every attempt to assure they are as current as possible. Always use safe, off-road driving practices and depend upon your own driving and navigation skills before venturing on any ride. These posted tracks will be updated as needed, and additional tracks will be added constantly. You should also check the External Links page for listings of other websites that provide navigation files. For example, Jim Boone’s Bird and Hike site has an extensive list of trail and is regularly updated.

Ride Descriptions
Descriptions of various club rides. This spreadsheet will give you a general description of many of the local rides our club does on a regular basis. Note that the ride leaders will often vary the routes, and trail conditions may be different than when the description was originally written.

Club Ride Track Files
Trip notes and GPX files of rides the club has taken. (recorded by club members)

Regional Track and Route Files
Downloadable GPX, KMZ/KML, and miscellaneous files for trails from various sources. (not recorded by club members)

Trail Maps
Images of various maps