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Radios for Club Rides

I am re-writing this post as a few things have changed since the last one. Radio communications can be a complex subject, so I’ll put the most pertinent details at the top for those not wanting to read the entire post (TLDR!). The Virgin Valley 4×4 club currently uses GMRS radio channel 16, on frequency…

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Virgin Valley 4×4 Club Name is Now Approved

The SCM HOA Board of Directors approved the club’s name change this week, so we are now officially the Virgin Valley 4×4 club. The new club name was selected after an arduous process from a list of many great suggestions from our members. Thanks again to everyone who helped with suggestions and comments. We felt…

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Trail Ride Safety Guidelines and Responsibilities

We have put together a document for trail ride safety based on the discussions we’ve had at our meetings. I used the input received from ride leaders and members along with a rules document that UPLA uses for conducting their trail ride events. It is posted on the website under “Info,” and you can download,…

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Mesquite Off-road Staging Area!

The city of Mesquite has opened a new off-road staging area on Riverside Road just before the Virgin River bridge. Nicholas Montoya, Director of Athletics and Leisure Services for the City of Mesquite, met with club officers and encouraged the use of the area by our club members. “It’s not just for side-by-sides,” Nick said,…

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Virgin Valley 4×4 Club Google Group Forum

We are adding a new feature to the website– a club forum in Google Groups! The Google Groups forum will provide more capabilities for communication between members. The forum is a place where members can start a conversation and others can respond. It works through email or the Google Groups website and is super easy…

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Off-road travel in the desert or backcountry areas of Nevada and surrounding States is potentially dangerous. Such travel may result in damage to personal property or property of others. Persons may be injured, or death may result during such travel. The Virgin Valley 4×4 Club cannot envision every situation whereby damage, injury or death may occur. Information on this website is published for VV4x4 members personal use in determining when and where members may want to travel. If VV4x4 members travel on any of the trails listed on this website, they assume full responsibility and liability for their travel and travel by their guests. VV4x4 officers disclaim any and all liability for bodily injury, property damage to VV4x4 members or others, or death of persons that could occur. It is the responsibility of VV4x4 members and their guests to comply with all applicable Federal, State, and local laws regarding travel on public or private lands, roads and trails. VV4x4 members are the final decision-makers as to whether travel is safe on a particular day, road and weather conditions during the day of travel are adequate for travel, and whether members’ vehicles are capable of the trip, including what supplies and survival equipment should be carried on the trip.